Logistics for human and veterinary pharmaceuticals

We offer specialised logistics services for Human and Veterinary Pharmaceuticals. We provide approved modern storage, fully equipped with up to date safety equipment.

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General information

Location: Magoula

Size: Two warehouses totalling 4500 square meters

Height: 11,0 m

Loading ramps: 6

Shelves: 5000 shelves for heavy weight

Forklift: Reach-trucks and counter balance

  • Wholesale distribution authorization of veterinary medicines
  • Application for authorization of wholesale human medicines to EOF-complete dossier.
  • Industrial warehouse operating permit with repackaging, depackaging, labeling using cooling chambers
  • Provision for extra cooling 100sqm area - 500km volume
  • Revised building permit
  • Fire safety certificate “Ζ1”
Warehouse procedures
  • Receiving, sorting, placing on shelves
  • Routing, loading, issuing of delivery documentation, collection
  • Cross docking
  • Client update on product status
  • Daily inventory updates incoming / outgoing / stocks / lot number
  • Pricing per activity
Handling of sensitive human and veterinary pharmaceuticals
  • Pore-free floor with resin coating
  • Pharmaceutical packaging designated area
  • 262KW air conditioning (15-25°C) - water cooling system - 8 air coolers
  • We provide warehouses licensed for the storage of human and veterinary products
  • Temperature recording system for refrigerators provides continuous temperature logging
  • If temperature falls outside the specified range, our security company is alerted
  • We implement all good warehouse practices as required by Greek law and expected by our international veterinary companies
Cold-chain preservation

For cooled medicines (e.g. vaccines) special procedures are applied in order to ensure the maintenance of the cold chain:

  • Upon receipt, the pharmacist checks the chamber temperature and temperature logger that is attached to the goods during transport. All data is then logged and archived.
  • Immediately after, the selection of products is planned and each is placed in a suitable freezer
  • During the execution of orders, collection takes place inside freezers and products are places into insulated containers (made from polystyrene) without a lid. Gel packs are added to the boxes once the programmed departure time is agreed. The container is then filled with insulating filler in order to protect the product and finally it is closed.
  • During loading of drugs onto controlled temperature trucks (air conditioning, refrigeration), cleanliness and temperature of the truck is being checked. Then, new data loggers are placed that will accompany the goods to their delivery to customers and shipping temperatures as recorded upon receipt.
  • While in transit, clients can track the progress of their order using our track and trace facilities.
  • The order is completed when a confirmation of correct delivery is received from the final recipient.
Health and safety
  • Safety Engineer continually reviewing and improving systems and procedures
  • Continual training programs to ensure staff safety
  • Audit programs by multinational companies
  • Pest control program
  • Daily cleanliness programme with onboard vacuum/mop

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